How many people do you know that got rich off of blog ads?

This site seems to be all about making money off of sensational journalism.  It just seems too much work for me to put in for the little to no return.  Blogging for fun and creating a community is one thing.  Plastering your ‘logs’ with a bunch of ads seem like selling out to me.  I liken it to buying stuff off of deal sites and reselling on eBay– first of all, the ROI is not there, and secondly, there is no growth potential on its profitability.
Then again, I guess it’s one’s prerogative if s/he likes making chump change for fun.  Perhaps this is how people obtain the disposable income for their iPhones?


5 thoughts on “How many people do you know that got rich off of blog ads?

  1. We help people make money online through various channels, not just advertisements. Not only that, we provide tips to better your health and financial status.

    We only have 2 advertisements on our site (which is nothing compared to any other common site). We also take pride in our readers and are creating a community in the works.

    There have been a ton of successful bloggers who make way more than ‘chump change’ just doing what they love.

    Thanks for the link though, have a great weekend.

  2. Hi Leonid,

    I meant no disrespect. Just saying that my personal view on the value of blogging doesn’t really rest in collecting ad revenues. If you are serious about blogging, I would really think about how to maximize your return on time invested.

    Most of the successful bloggers became successful from their blogs, but financial return didn’t come from blog ads, but rather other ventures that are tied in to their notoriety/reputation from blogging efforts.

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