Scoble’s take on Facebook

Scoble may be right. There is value in maintaining a Facebook profile. But how much value are we talking about? I believe the hype and the controversy that Facebook is creating is interesting. Many are hailing it as the next major social portal, destined to overtake Myspace as the “place” to be. My thing is though, just how “social” are these social sites?

Sure, you can establish a lot of contacts. You can check out what other people are doing. But just how social are you really are when you are spending 2+ hours a day reading about other people’s cats and other friends’ friends?

Personally, Facebook presents the same entertainment value as all the other social platforms. Myspace, Friendster, Twitter, etc. As far as using it as a contact list, there may be some value in that as well. Why don’t I use it then? The answer is simple– I ain’t got the time for that kind of entertainment. In other words, my perceived value of these tools < the perceived value of time reserved for other things. Toys != Tools. Sorry buds, just a matter of priorities.

LinkedIn and Doostang may just provide the same kind of social connectivity value as Facebook, without all the other BS.


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