Xbox 360’s comeback pricedrop

So it sounds like MS is following in Sony’s footsteps.  Hence the price war is rekindled.  Will I consider buying a PS3 or Xbox2 now?  Probably not.  I still have a PS2 with a bunch of games that I’ve seldom touched.  Games used to sound fun, but it’s becoming less and less so for me.  God… I think I am getting old.

On another thought, is it just me or has it really been that long already that these “next-gen” consoles are ready for a price-reduction round?  It felt like it’s only been a few months when a PS3 was sole on eBay for $1500…  (Goes to show just the price people are willing to pay to be ‘cool’).  Gosh, this whole business of selling ‘cool’ is beginning to sound easy…

In any case, this will probably equate to the comeback of crazy game bundles.  You get a couple more bundled games for the same price.  Yippee!

On the other hand, Halo3 does sound pretty fun.  Maybe I can borrow someone’s Xbox360 for a few days later this year. 🙂


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