Looks like another iPhone user’s woken up

Check out this article. What’s interesting is the general consensus demonstrated in the comments. Now I know TG is a PC centric site, but not even one person defended iPhone’s value, and I know there are apple users who read the same piece.

Is it just because all the iPhone users are too busy playing with their new toy to care?

I was very excited and played with my E62 nonstop for a month or so when I got it. Loaded everything I could find– all the Google apps, mapping, divx, Nokia’s podcasting tools, RSS readers, Youtube, all the old console emulators, PuTTY, VNC, etc. But the fun is waning. Now, it’s a tool that I take for granted. I don’t have the same buyers’ remorse though– they paid me to take the phone. I wonder how many other iPhone buyers will go through this same process?


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