Sign of things to come for iPhone?

As the 30 day return grace period approaches, perhaps we will be seeing more of this?


2 thoughts on “Sign of things to come for iPhone?

  1. well, i wonder: is this good news or bad news for Apple? He loved his iPhone and wanted to buy a Mac. But as he couldn’t afford an new computer, he brought the iPhone back.

  2. I actually think this has potential to further segment the public perception of the iPhone. Ultimately though, it will be a good thing for Apple, as more people are introduced its design and UI philosophy. On the other hand, more people will also gain the perception that perhaps this “improved” experience may not be worth the money, and apply that same experience across all of Apple’s products.

    At this point in time however, I do think Apple’s strategy is working– if not to push more iPhones, at least it’s succeeding in further establishing its brands. There is always a chance for a cheaper iPhone to be introduced to scoop up the not-yet-converts.

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