Skill vs. Talent

Nick Corcodilos wrote this and I couldn’t agree more.  It perfectly mirrored my stance on the whole debate of whether or not we actually have such a shortage.  Is there really a lack of bright people out there?  I doubt it.  Millions of people are currently out there creating and inventing things I would have never thought of.  Are these people all happily employed? Would none of these candidates not consider taking on the role or the challenge posed by the hiring employer if their requirements are met?  Blaming operational inefficiencies on talent shortage is analogous to blaming one’s unhappiness on money shortage.  Not trying to infer that recruiting is easy, but I definitely do think employers focus way more on the difficulties of recruiting vs. talent retention.  I can personally attest that ALL of the  employers I’ve worked for have spent close to nothing on training its middle managers on this topic.  Too many times have I seen a star performer in a department leave because employers paid no attention to keeping him/her happy, only to regret having to spend MUCH MORE time and effort on his/her replacement.  And oftentimes, this happens because HR was instructed to find a clone copy of the said star- in other words, they start looking for skills to replace the talent, which is a much more expensive proposition.

It’s time for organizations to wake up and actually realize that hiring based on capability is much more important than hiring for ability.  Unfortunately, most hirings are done based on immediate need instead of foresight and preplanning.  Guess what’ll happen to the newly hired star once the challenge is solved?


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