New project: Workstation Q6600 G0 overclock

Time to replace my cheapo Fry’s combo workstation of ECS Mobo with a BSEL modded e4300. @2.4ghz, the workstation is more than fine for what I use it for. Too bad I cannot resist the temptation of quad core divx encoding and photo/video editing. With the recent price reductions, the new gig isn’t a bank breaker anyway. Here’s what I’ve accrued so far:

Antel P180B case.
Intel Q6600
CoolerMaster HyperTX 2
OCZ memory
A yanked 7900GT
A Coolmax PSU
A 500GB samsung drive that I bought a month ago.

This will be the most expensive gig I’ll have built in at least the past 5 years. Let’s see how long I can manage to keep this one.

As for the old gig, it’s going to be converted to replace my old media center PC, an old XP-M 2500+ O/C’d to 2.3 ghz, as the old gig is having problems keeping up with 720p streams.  I will post the results soon.  Various websites have already posted great results on the G0 Q6600.  Let’s see how lucky I am.  Not holding my breath since I am using a $70 650i, but we’ll see.


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