Nokia N800 to get WiMAX

This could turn out to be an awesome service if Sprint is willing to be reasonable with pricing.  Nokia’s Maemo powered device has long been a hackers’ fav.  I’ve wanted one for a while, but could not justify its $400 price tag.  For $150 though, it will be a great toy to have.  Perhaps once the newer model gets introduced, the N800 price tag will get lowered like the N770 did.

Say $150 for the device and $30/mo ($1/day) for WiMAX service.  I would get that in a heartbeat vs. subscribing to AT&T’s EDGE right now for $20/mo on the E62.  Granted I would need to carry the device with me wherever I go, but as is, I already carry a laptop bag wherever I go– being able to ‘almost’ replace the laptop with a MID would be awesome.


2 thoughts on “Nokia N800 to get WiMAX

  1. Hi Andre,

    Thanks for the links. Yeah, I know their prices. I am just hoping to one day be able to get the N800 at N770 prices. 🙂

    I am in CA so I have to pay tax if I buy from Buy- which pretty much make them $150 and $400 respectively.

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