No more Windows guests on Linux hosts

eWeek reports that Microsoft will no longer allow Windows guests on Linux hosts. Sounds like a bad move to me. Oh well, guess everyone has better start sharpening up their Linux skills…


2 thoughts on “No more Windows guests on Linux hosts

  1. I think Microsoft actually said they won’t support Windows on a Linux host. But, that being said, I think they are making a huge mistake and one that will cost them market share. Let’s face it, Linux is more stable as a virtualization platform than Windows. Microsoft and Apple would be smart to agree to support of desktop and/or server virtualization on Linux hosts.

  2. I completely agree. Disallowing such a thing basically defeats the potential of using Virtualization to provide thin client solutions. But maybe that’s exactly why MSFT wants to limit– they want the licenses to be tied to the hardware. It is entirely possible to get licensed XP and Vista on the ever-commoditized powerful hardware and have it replace Mirosoft’s Terminal Server product line. I can see why they want to do it, but then again, I think they will change their mind soon.

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