Era of Microsoft Ending? Not before your era ends.

In response to the following article:

Is the era of Microsoft ending? by ZDNet‘s Dana Blankenhorn — All the respect shown Big Green at Linuxworld can’t mask the fact that its era is ending, and that in time the open source model will triumph.

My opinion should be pretty easy to figure out by now, for those of you that read this blog– Microsoft isn’t going anywhere. MS has A LOT of cash. Cash can help you buy a lot of competence. Sure, companies make mistakes, but they only dwindle and disappear when they start running out of cash for investment. With Microsoft perpetually trying to diversify its revenue streams, even if it loses the majority market share on desktop OS, it’ll still survive to fight this battle. I don’t see anyone calling Novell’s end of days, so calling MSFT’s doomsday being somewhat near is just plain loony talk. SCO’s era is over, that one is easy to see. Vista failing expectations? I can see that happening too. Microsoft’s era ending before your era ends? I’d say “Dream on”.


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