The iMac is great, and…

I am sure it’ll get plenty of Apple biters, but I believe FSJ is comparing it to the wrong product here. To quote:

A 24-inch screen, 2 gigs of memory and a 500-gig hard drive for $2,300? Or for cheapskates a totally nice 20-inch machine for $1200? Oh, and an operating system that actually works? And design that’s better than almost any company in any industry in the world? Or maybe you’d rather have this. Right? Maybe you really put these two things side by side and choose that. If so, you should have your head examined.

Come on people. If we don’t take over the world now then I give up.

Instead of comparing the overpriced product of desire to an overpriced POS that nobody should be buying, he should have compared it to this:

Apple 24″ iMac : $2300

XPS M1330 + 24″ LCD : ~ approx. $1,500 + $600 = $2100.

I know there are cheaper options on the comparison hardware, but I am not about to list the cheapest parts I could find here. The point is, even without bargain hunting, by doing some top level rationalization, Steve should still consider a price drop. I find it funny that Steve has the ability to convince his customers that Apple is justified in charging a lot more for nearly identical hardware.

“What do you mean overpriced?!? This iMac is the best value in computing today!” — I can already hear legions of Apple fans chanting.

How about this, FSJ: One beautifully glorified, oversized and immobile Macbook or a similarly powered, portable notebook + 24″ LCD. That sounds more like a real choice, don’t you think?

Update: Just found this article that pertains to the same subject. Even after reading it, my reasoning still stands– you may get more satisfaction out of your money, but you are not getting more computer out of your money. How you spend your money for your own satisfaction is what ultimately conveys value to you– even if it is going to the Jobs’ Trust Fund.


2 thoughts on “The iMac is great, and…

  1. the bundled iLife software is light years beyond any crapware bundled by DELL and available in Windows, so this more than makes up for the $200 price difference.

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