Cell Data pricing mess… explained

Jiwire has a decent posting comparing the Cell Data plans offered by major carriers.  Still quite accurate even though it’s a few months old.  If you are in the market for portable connectivity, this is worth a read.

I used to be able to tether my laptop to the E62, but this functionality stopped sometime in July.  Currently, I am unable to find out how to get this working again.  Users have been reporting the same thing in the ATT forums, so ATT has apparently disabled this service (unsure if it’s because they no longer offer the E62).  Luckily for me, my wife gets a T-Mobile hotspot account through her work, so I am not completely disconnected.  I have been pondering whether or not to upgrade my Media Max 200 plan @ $20/month to an unlimited tether account @ $60/mo.  Guess I’ll call that in when I really have a need for it.

This whole pricing/marketing mess has been pretty confusing even for techies it would seem.  I wonder how long before competition will drive the price of this service down.  I am holding my breath though– this is probably the next hottest cash cow going for the carriers right now.


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