Even FSJ is afraid of the Googloids

FSJ lamented about the “Googbalization” that we are currently seeing.  At the speed of growth that Google is experiencing, I don’t believe there is anyone out there who knows the implication of Google’s information conquests that isn’t afraid of the Booglers.  Imagine if it is that easy for you to find dirt on people you barely know through Google, how easy would it be for others to pull the same on you?  Once in a long while I try to Google myself, and just thinking about what kind of stuff people can dig up about me is enough to make myself cry to sleep.  Instant celebrity status without the real fame and fortune that the real celebs possess.

Just think– one day there could be a Fake Me out there who knows every move I’d make, blogging about my fake thoughts and tainting my fake image.  The HORROR!!!  Don’t tell me it couldn’t happen because there are already quite a few FFSJ’s out there!


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