iPhone: And the firesale begins

So, as hot as the iPhone is, there will eventually come a time when the hype gradually dies down and Apple finds a channel to let go of the backlogged refurbs.  So guess what?  If you don’t mind the thought of someone else’s grubby hands have already tried out your sexy tech toy, you can grab yours right now for $100 less than retail.  Yep, the refurbs are now available at the Apple Store.

So if you are one of the more patient iPhone nuts, here’s your 20% off coupon.

You are welcome.


5 thoughts on “iPhone: And the firesale begins

  1. Not a firesale. Get a grip and quit misleading people. It’s a sell off of used products that have been refurb’d, not a fire sale of new product. Those prices haven’t changed.

  2. Yes, you are right Danno. The MSRP hasn’t changed, and knowing Apple, it won’t change for a while. But keeping in mind that Apple practices sticky MSRP, letting refurb iPhones go at this price point also signifies that the iPhones are 1) Getting many returns. and 2) Need a drastic 20% discount to push volume. These units are being pushed out through the Apple Store back channel to boost units moved. We can’t deny the fact that being given the option of picking up an iPhone less than a quarter since introduction is a great deal in Apple’s terms.

    I am sorry you felt mislead. But if you are waiting for an official MSRP redux on the iPhone, I am sure you won’t have to wait long either. Words around the web and the local Apple stores are that supply is now outstripping demand– if Apple wants to wow the Street, a price redux is probably not too far off in the future.

  3. Apple sales of the iPhone are actually going quite well…. Expect Apple to simply add new features and maintain the same price point. That’s what they’ve done for the last 7 years.

  4. You are right. The iPhone sales are brisk according to the analysts. And you can rest assured that the sales numbers of these refurbs will be counted in the final tally as well. 🙂

    No matter how sticky the Apple’s MSRP are, they all eventually buck to the extremely competitive market forces. It may take a couple of years, but they eventually get price cuts. More value for less dough: Moore’s law at work. My stance on this blog tends to lean toward the benefit of consumers. If something is too good for Apple, then it can’t be too good for you as an Apple buyer.

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