iPhone worth every penny?

This blogger seems to think so. But if you look at his take on the Apple, it is evident that he’s been entranced by the beauty of the device. Yes, the iPhone is admittedly the prettiest phone on the market today (and that’s a matter of opinion as well. I DO think it’s pretty). As for the value proposition of the device? It is in my opinion HARDLY worth the price tag.

If you think of the phone as a tool instead of a status symbol, it is easy to see why. Feature for feature, function for function, the iPhone did not introduce anything new. Do a matrix comparison of the device with its top competitors and you can see that other devices that you can get for free or little money after activation nowadays have just as many features, and can do just as much. So aside from an Jobsian cell phone experience, you are getting the same exact phone that allow you to do the same exact things. I won’t waste my time with doing the comparisons because that’s already been overplayed to death on the net, but it’s funny to see consumers drink the iPhone Kool-Aid so willingly.

Yes, for the die hard Apple fans, every Apple device is worth every penny (that’s what makes them avid fans). But unless you can convince me that a Porsche GT2 or a Hummer H2 is the best car out there and therefore worth every penny, a statement such as this, as it stands, is biased and without merit. Opinion?? Great, you are entitled to yours. Fact? Hardly.

Don’t drink the Kool Aid.


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