Yay! Unlocked iPhone! Now what?

With all the hoopla surrounding the ability to software-unlock an iPhone today, you’d think that the Earth is gonna start turning backwards. Funny thing is, what has this accomplished for the U.S. users? Yay, now you get to switch to T-Mobile.

What’s the point in unlocking your iPhone and taking it to Verizon or Sprint? Just try and use your EDGE based phone with those carriers. I am sure you’ll be thrilled with the “increased speed” πŸ™‚ As for switching to T-Mobile? You’ll get to enjoy the network’s non-optimized EDGE network. If you think EDGE on AT&T is slow, try it on T-Mobile. πŸ™‚

Woopty woop! So what did we really end up accomplishing? More bragging rights!

(Of course, if you are a non-US potential iPhone user, that’s a different story. But still, I’d recommend that you wait for Apple to bring the device to your country before deciding. Of course, if all you are after is more bragging rights, then by all means, this is a great way to buy your 15 minutes of popularity.)

For those of you that haven’t heard it, read all about it at Engadget.


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