Yahoo upgrades Mail with IM & SMS integration

And it’s about time.  My Yahoo mail account was my primary web-based email for the longest time before I switched to Gmail in Aug/2004.  I’ve love to love my Yahoo mail again– frankly, the new interface is quite slick.  Now with IM and SMS built in, it’s downright the most convenient.

There is just one thing that still bothers me though– the ads!  They are big, bold, and definitely not beautiful.  Same reason I’ve abandoned Hotmail.  They are all very good services, but the ads!  Not to mention the spam…  Granted, I can’t blame the services.  I have had those accounts for much longer.

I can see Yahoo winning back quite a few more eyeballs with the new integration, and that’ll be good for them– Yahoo needs the support for their hard work.  Yahoo mail is a very good service and I’d love to love it, but unfortunately I will most likely still resort to checking it weekly, just like my hotmail account.

There’s a big reason why I kept switching: POP3 support.  Hotmail never had this as a free feature (they did have outlook express integration for a while, that was way cool while it lasted), and Yahoo removed their POP3 access not too long after.  GMail on the other hand, still allows POP3.

Not that I use POP3 often, but I love having the option.  Nowadays, not only do I have the Gmail mobile app on my E62, I can also use the built in client to POP the same account.  Options are good.

This is definitely a great step for Yahoo, but unfortunately for me, it came a little too late.  I was never a YIM user, and never a big SMS user (I’ve always had company owned blackberries before my E62).  This may have a bigger impact outside of the US, but I believe US users are more into mobile email than SMS as well, due to the US carriers’ greedy SMS pricing schemes.

All in all, congrats Yahoo.  Keep up the good work– we need you to survive. 🙂


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