Cell Phones 2.0

This TC post highlights the next logical step in communications – going mobile.  The evidence is all there.  Mobile computing is catching on in a big way, and why wouldn’t the smart media companies like Google and Yahoo want to get into the mix and capture part of the nascent market?

If you think about it, media and telecommunications go hand-in-hand.  Soon, these mobile devices may not even have a “phone number” attached to them.  Google’s rendition of a communications device may work on 3G or 4G and be bound to a Google ID.  Yahoo may do the same, utilizing their Yahoo ID.  Microsoft already got a head start in this arena, with Windows Mobile being one of the most mature players.

It will definitely be interesting to see how this market will be played out.  I can’t wait to see these G and Y phones in action, and finally get to see if any of these are really paradigm shifting or interruptive, instead of just a bunch of “talk”.


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