I am still alive!

So work has been kicking my butt lately (okok.. I am just making an excuse for being too lazy to log on and write to nobody in particular).  I was quite busy over the past couple of months though, as my consulting projects are beginning to demand more hours, which is a good thing I suppose.  Most clients who have no idea what virtualization is, are quite impressed with what it can offer, and their businesses are greatly benefiting from it.  It’s satisfying to be able to “wow” clients– there hasn’t been anything on the horizon that had this much wow potential in quite a few years.

Speaking of wow, I have been blowing a bit of money on buying some new toys in the meantime to keep myself sane.  First one is a 28″ LCD monitor for my desktop.  1900×1200 @ 28″ is quite a sight to behold– it is almost as tall as my 20″ Dell flipped vertical.  Now I can sit FAR back with my keyboard and still get tons of work done. 🙂

I also picked up a Sony UX-280p last month.  The price was what ultimately got me.  I’ve always found the device to be somewhat interesting, but being able to pick one up for less than $900 really sold me.  I will probably write another separate post on it sometime later.  All I will say now is it’s quite an interesting toy.   With it in my bag, I can now practically work from anywhere– EDGE availability permitting.

I have also built a few more machines for clients over the past 2 months, all taking advantage of Fry’s combos. 🙂   For the record, their ECS mobo/E4500 is the most economical combo over the past 6 months or so– A simple BSEL mod will net you a rock stable 2.93ghz monster that is more than capable of running 4 instances of VMs comfortably, and the best part is the entry fee — approx. $120!

I am going to try and blog more often now that I’ve completed a few projects– but the key word here is “try” 🙂


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