AMD’s Comeback: Part 2. The speculation continues

In regards to my earlier post— the news had me really excited.  Then here’s another post that says K10 isn’t as fast as the first post claimed.  This is all beginning to sound very much like marketing to me.  Guess we’ll find out soon enough.


AMD’s comeback: K10 scores leaked

The inquirer leaked some scores on AMD’s latest. Looks like Intel finally has something to worry about. If you think your G0 Q6600 is fast– just you wait. Barcelona is coming, and if the story is true, it’s coming in a BIG way.

This sure is exciting news. Expect more AMD comeback news to come down the pipeline shortly. I know who I’ll be spending the majority of my spare cash with soon…

For a couple of pics of this rig in action, head here.

Dual core vs. Quad core for VMs

Tom’s just posted an article on the benefit of going 4 cores vs. 2 cores.  Interesting read, however since the readership is heavily biased toward gaming, its testing apps were mostly games that have not been written to take advantage of the 2 additional cores.

As far as using quad core for virtualization however, the advantage is obvious.  Of course, performance is more dependent on the virtualization architecture than a few mhz in speed, as can be seen here.  If performance is a concern, then be prepared to throw more money on hardware, or stay with paravirtualized solutions like Xen.  My personal recommendation is OpenVZ / Virtuozzo for best performance as they are OS based solutions.  For manageability though, VMWare currently reigns king.  Stick with VMWare server if you want free, but keep in mind that performance will suffer.

Or I guess you can just throw more hardware at the problem like always.  Thanks, AMD & Intel for the price drops!  Please keep them coming!

New project: Workstation Q6600 G0 overclock

Time to replace my cheapo Fry’s combo workstation of ECS Mobo with a BSEL modded e4300. @2.4ghz, the workstation is more than fine for what I use it for. Too bad I cannot resist the temptation of quad core divx encoding and photo/video editing. With the recent price reductions, the new gig isn’t a bank breaker anyway. Here’s what I’ve accrued so far:

Antel P180B case.
Intel Q6600
CoolerMaster HyperTX 2
OCZ memory
A yanked 7900GT
A Coolmax PSU
A 500GB samsung drive that I bought a month ago.

This will be the most expensive gig I’ll have built in at least the past 5 years. Let’s see how long I can manage to keep this one.

As for the old gig, it’s going to be converted to replace my old media center PC, an old XP-M 2500+ O/C’d to 2.3 ghz, as the old gig is having problems keeping up with 720p streams.  I will post the results soon.  Various websites have already posted great results on the G0 Q6600.  Let’s see how lucky I am.  Not holding my breath since I am using a $70 650i, but we’ll see.

Intel plays fair… yeah right.

Intel’s response to EU charges. There is no way that Intel is playing fair. If today it’s AMD that is sitting on top while Intel is a distant 2nd, we’d probably see the exact same news, just with the names flip-flopped. Just another way to show you that this is all a part of AMD’s business strategy to get public pity points– catering to the “Green computing” crowd, if you get my drift.

Nothing wrong with it, it’s just business as normal. What do you think?