And the iPhone firesale begins, Part 2

See my earlier post regarding this topic.  So today Steve announced the new pricing scheme for iPhones going forward.  $200 price reduction for the 8gb, 4gb model being dropped.  Looks like they really want to cast the success in stone.  Now that Apple is done gouging their most loyal fans, it is now time to guarantee that the iPhone gets adopted as fast as possible to ensure that the product will go down in Apple’s company history as a time-changing product.  Don’t worry, they still make money even with the new pricing scheme.

NOW I will consider the possibility of getting an iPhone… but not until I see the Gphone first. 🙂


Yay! Unlocked iPhone! Now what?

With all the hoopla surrounding the ability to software-unlock an iPhone today, you’d think that the Earth is gonna start turning backwards. Funny thing is, what has this accomplished for the U.S. users? Yay, now you get to switch to T-Mobile.

What’s the point in unlocking your iPhone and taking it to Verizon or Sprint? Just try and use your EDGE based phone with those carriers. I am sure you’ll be thrilled with the “increased speed” 🙂 As for switching to T-Mobile? You’ll get to enjoy the network’s non-optimized EDGE network. If you think EDGE on AT&T is slow, try it on T-Mobile. 🙂

Woopty woop! So what did we really end up accomplishing? More bragging rights!

(Of course, if you are a non-US potential iPhone user, that’s a different story. But still, I’d recommend that you wait for Apple to bring the device to your country before deciding. Of course, if all you are after is more bragging rights, then by all means, this is a great way to buy your 15 minutes of popularity.)

For those of you that haven’t heard it, read all about it at Engadget.

iPhone worth every penny?

This blogger seems to think so. But if you look at his take on the Apple, it is evident that he’s been entranced by the beauty of the device. Yes, the iPhone is admittedly the prettiest phone on the market today (and that’s a matter of opinion as well. I DO think it’s pretty). As for the value proposition of the device? It is in my opinion HARDLY worth the price tag.

If you think of the phone as a tool instead of a status symbol, it is easy to see why. Feature for feature, function for function, the iPhone did not introduce anything new. Do a matrix comparison of the device with its top competitors and you can see that other devices that you can get for free or little money after activation nowadays have just as many features, and can do just as much. So aside from an Jobsian cell phone experience, you are getting the same exact phone that allow you to do the same exact things. I won’t waste my time with doing the comparisons because that’s already been overplayed to death on the net, but it’s funny to see consumers drink the iPhone Kool-Aid so willingly.

Yes, for the die hard Apple fans, every Apple device is worth every penny (that’s what makes them avid fans). But unless you can convince me that a Porsche GT2 or a Hummer H2 is the best car out there and therefore worth every penny, a statement such as this, as it stands, is biased and without merit. Opinion?? Great, you are entitled to yours. Fact? Hardly.

Don’t drink the Kool Aid.

iPhone: And the firesale begins

So, as hot as the iPhone is, there will eventually come a time when the hype gradually dies down and Apple finds a channel to let go of the backlogged refurbs.  So guess what?  If you don’t mind the thought of someone else’s grubby hands have already tried out your sexy tech toy, you can grab yours right now for $100 less than retail.  Yep, the refurbs are now available at the Apple Store.

So if you are one of the more patient iPhone nuts, here’s your 20% off coupon.

You are welcome.

Why Apple NEEDS the iPhone Shuffle

Check out Nokia. It is no mystery the path to broad market adoption is to target a broader, wider audience. Yes, the cool phones will sell well (just look at the N95- the Nokia flagship that sports an even higher pricetag than the iPhone), but that’s not how you win the war. iPod is able to claim its market penetration number in no small part to the nano and the shuffle. Nokia is a leader becaues of the semi-disposable phones they push in emerging markets.

Now where is that darned iPhone shuffle?