The New Z4 surfaced!

Here’s a spyshot, go here for the complete article.  Why am I interested in this?  Because I own an ’04 🙂  If they ever release the new model with their new twin turbo diesel engines available in the UK, consider me sold.


Chrysler’s new boss

Hopefully, Cerberus made the right move in hiring such a controversial leader for the troubled car maker.  I have always maintained the perspective that the American car makers are struggling because they knowingly release products that do not pass the competitive matrix.  When you release products that are not desirable, the only way to push volume is through discounts, which make them far less profitable.   There is a reason why the foreign car makers rely on rebates and discounts far less than the Big 3 do– they make desirable cars that stay within the target price range.

Bob’s biggest challenge is to lead Chrysler to profitability, and he will really need to evaluate Chrysler’s current processes and biz model in order to pull this off.  Learn from others in other industries Bob — you cannot win on volume or price.  Time for the consumers to expect some truly innovative vehicles to come out of the Chrysler factories, or we can all kiss Chrysler good bye.

The not-so-mini Mini

Am I just crajee or is this actually pretty ‘cool’? I wonder how MiniUSA will be pricing this semi-cool monstrosity. Here’s the thread on Edmunds. Doesn’t seem like pricing has been announced.

Whether or not this actually make my “Cool List” will depend on its fuel efficiency and out the door price, but so far, this looks like a potential contender to become the replacement to my wife’s aging 2003 325i.

Update: Just found this. Same power as the Mini 2 Door. Hopefully the price stays relatively the same too.

Signs of desperation @ Chrysler

So Chrysler has finally done it. This will be a sign of things to come. A vote of confidence from the top management on the reliability of its products may just work to draw more customers to the showrooms. But my prediction? The gimmicky promotion won’t last long. I wonder what the Marketing folks are really talking to the Bean Counters and the Legal folks when they came up with the campaign. This is class-action hell 10+ years down the road when these 07-08 stock start coming back to Chrysler to ask back the money they’ve “loaned” Chrysler with the initial purchase. Except as these cars get older, this “Payback”‘s gonna be a b!tch.

I applaud Cerberus, the new Chrysler owners, on entering the Auto stage displaying their cajones with such audacity. Now I may just go out and hunt for the cheapest car on the lot that’s still covered by this warranty. Granted, I couldn’t find the fine print of this on any of Chrysler’s sites, except this blurb:

“*See dealer for a copy of limited warranty and details. Non-Transferable.

Not available on SRT and certain fleet vehicles. On purchases begining 7/26/07”

But this sounds like exactly what the American makers need to instill the much needed consumer confidence back into their products. Let’s just hope that the new Chrysler won’t get burned in the process.

I guess turn the company around first, and then worry about the future charges in the future, right?