Finally found my E2180! Chip en route, overclock results to come

I’ve been doing sporadic checks on a few major vendors’ sites and on price comparison sites on when this mythical CPU may appear. As luck would have it, I finally found the CPU for sale at eWiz last night. Put in an order for the elusive thing, and hopefully I will have my hands on it sometime next week. For approx. $95 including shipping and CA tax, it wasn’t so bad a deal in my opinion.

Reports from many forums indicate that even the E2140 and E2160 are starting to show up with the M0 stepping. These things are supposed to be monster overclockers, with reports of them clocking just as well as their G0 siblings, providing the boards are capable. Now that I have my Q6600 dialed in comfortably at 3.6ghz as my workstation, it’s now time to build a new box to replace the aging home server, the Dell SC400 with a 2.0ghz Celeron Socket 478 inside. With 3gb of RAM, the CPU is practically pegged @ 100% utilization while running a multitude of services, in addition to 3 instances of VMs on VMWare. Hopefully, I can get the E2180 to the same 3.6ghz range without much trouble. Such a setup should have enough muscle to comfortably take over the same services, with maybe a few more VMs thrown in.

In any case, I am getting WAY ahead of myself here. I’ll report back next week with the results.


Uh oh… Dell in accounting scandal

Reuters reports that Dell is now getting attention from SEC on its accounting. This doesn’t bode well for a company that is attempting a comeback. You have to wonder how they were able to extract profit from their $399 complete PC packages, and I guess now you know why.

Dell to start integrating VMWare

Before the digital ink had the time to dry on my previous post, it appears that Dell was already hearing what others have been saying. Apple has been touting its Parallels for a while, and now it looks like Dell will soon be integrating VMWare products into its consumer PCs.

Great move Dell. I already have a few machines here running VMWare server and Xen Express, totaling to approximately 12 VMs running. All I can say is that VM is the way of the future, and getting on the bandwagon early is definitely better than always playing catch up. Dell’s corporate strategy from last decade seemed to have been thrown out the window. Let’s see where Dell 2.0 is taking us.

Update: Dell confirmed this.  We’ll see how this will change the computing landscape next year.

Dell woes

Is there any reason why Dell can’t see the reason they are swimming in murky waters right now? Apple is successfully pushing the iPhone, a product that shoves ~30% profit margin back into the company. What is Dell pushing? A setup like this that sells for less than the iPhone. Where’s the profit in that?

The problem with Dell is that the company is having a hell of a time conveying value to their customers. So far, they have been able to convince the value of buying Dell because of its low price. Unfortunately, efficiency no longer is an advantage that only Dell enjoys. Hear me out Mikey, spend some money and steal some of Apple’s marketing folks. You can thank me later.

Update: OK, so it wasn’t Mike who responded, but Richard did. I have been very impressed recently with Dell’s service at both corporate and consumer ends. Looks like Mike’s getting Dell’s groove back. So thanks for hearing me out, Richard!

In other related news: Rollins gets nice wad of cash for stepping down. I wonder how many $399 complete systems it’ll take to make that up! 🙂

Update 2: Would this be part of the upcoming new changes that we can expect from Dell?  Dell Acquires Zing.