Intel’s X38 to introduce marketing-driven new Overclocking technologies

Digitimes reports that Intel is introducing Extreme Memory and Extreme Tuning Utility with X38 – coming in September.  If you are one of those that love having the latest and the greatest, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to wait for this.  Yes, P35 was JUST introduced it feels like, but Intel’s new Tick Tock marketing strategy sure is keeping upgraders busy… maybe too busy.

Gotta love it when the market affords you OPTIONS. 🙂


Intel Penryn vs. Conroe performance

For those of you that just cannot wait to get them grubby hands on the latest and the greatest, HKEPC has already posted tested results of Intel’s 45nm part against an identically clocked conroe (E6550).  The article is written in Mandarin, but you do not see to read the article to understand the chart, which is presented in English.  The part that will probably excite the overclockers the most is probably not the minor difference in incremental performance, but the difference in TDP.  The impending die shrink is bringing substantially lower power usage and temps; couple that with the increased performance, and we can anticipate some pretty juicy performance.

So for those of you looking for an upgrade to your current rigs, these Wolfdales will be available soon, as in a couple of months.  Try to keep those trigger fingers calm before then.