Console war roars on

So Enderle wrote an article on the state of the console war. With the upcoming Holiday shopping season, one can only expect things to heat up from here. Like he said, we can really expect to see the competition get kicked into overdrive– with all three platforms released and production stabilized, this is the first holiday season where demand will dictate the sales numbers.

Interestingly, he somewhat agreed with my view that it is Nintendo that may have the most to lose this winter– I am sure the Wii will still sell like hotcakes, but with a somewhat lackluster title lineup compared to the other two, it may be in a precarious position to lose the demographic that prefers more mature and involved titles.

Another thing that we cannot overlook is that the PS3’s price drop now pits it as the best value for those who may be looking into getting into the HiDef game. Microsoft still hasn’t start building the HD-DVD drive into the Xbox 360, so for someone who will also be getting an 1080p present this winter, the PS3 could turn out to be a cooler complement.

Just to toss this out there– I don’t own any of the new consoles, and don’t plan on getting one anytime soon. I don’t even have a display that is over 1600 x 1200 pixels. My media center and the ps2 are hooked up to a projector in the living room, and so far DVDs and Xvid satisfy me just fine. 1024 x 768 is a decent resolution for me still, but I am itching for a 1080p LCD or Plasma– maybe I’ll treat myself to a HiDef bedroom display this winter.

As far as the consoles are concerned? I believe at the end of this console era, most of the consumers will have both a Wii and either the Xbox360 or the PS3. Keeping in mind that the next next-gen is at least 4-5 years away, we still have plenty of Christmas shopping seasons for the surprisingly wealthy Americans to indulge on multiple consoles. For this winter though, I am seeing a lot of people who’ll be Wii-lling to open their pockets for their Nintendo fix.

Return of the Toadstool, baby.


Japanese market already weaning off of Wii

Gizmodo reports last month’s numbers on the console wars. Just as predicted in this previous post, Wii’s popularity is already fading.  Granted, it could be seasonal, but an approx. 50% drop doesn’t sound like a fluke!  Guess what the gamers will get now that they already have a Wii?