E2180 overclock success on Asus P5LD2 v2

Sorry for the lack of updates recently– I’ve been busy, to say the least.

Anyway, last night I finally found some time to crack open the E2180 that was still in its UPS box. I stuck it in the Asus P5LD2 box that I have laying around (most of the owners of this exact board should know exactly what I am using it for 🙂 ) After a couple minutes of tweaking, it’s sitting at 3.2ghz. I haven’t spent too much time trying to max the clocks, but I do know that at 3.4ghz the setup wouldn’t stay on reliably– perhaps the chip is asking for more voltage, but I am unwilling to give it more than 1.4v

It is running at 3.2ghz stable. I am sure the chip can do much better in a more recent board, such as the 650i board I have sitting in the box still. But at $90, even if the chip is only stable at 3.2ghz, I’ll be OK with that. 🙂

Update: The system primed overnight at 3.2ghz at 1.3v VCore– going to try with less voltage tonight.

Even though this isn’t quite as fast as my Q6600 @ 3.6ghz, the E2180 was also less than 1/3 the price– and at 3.2ghz, it is definitely offers more than 1/3 the performance. A LOT more.


Finally found my E2180! Chip en route, overclock results to come

I’ve been doing sporadic checks on a few major vendors’ sites and on price comparison sites on when this mythical CPU may appear. As luck would have it, I finally found the CPU for sale at eWiz last night. Put in an order for the elusive thing, and hopefully I will have my hands on it sometime next week. For approx. $95 including shipping and CA tax, it wasn’t so bad a deal in my opinion.

Reports from many forums indicate that even the E2140 and E2160 are starting to show up with the M0 stepping. These things are supposed to be monster overclockers, with reports of them clocking just as well as their G0 siblings, providing the boards are capable. Now that I have my Q6600 dialed in comfortably at 3.6ghz as my workstation, it’s now time to build a new box to replace the aging home server, the Dell SC400 with a 2.0ghz Celeron Socket 478 inside. With 3gb of RAM, the CPU is practically pegged @ 100% utilization while running a multitude of services, in addition to 3 instances of VMs on VMWare. Hopefully, I can get the E2180 to the same 3.6ghz range without much trouble. Such a setup should have enough muscle to comfortably take over the same services, with maybe a few more VMs thrown in.

In any case, I am getting WAY ahead of myself here. I’ll report back next week with the results.

AMD’s comeback: K10 scores leaked

The inquirer leaked some scores on AMD’s latest. Looks like Intel finally has something to worry about. If you think your G0 Q6600 is fast– just you wait. Barcelona is coming, and if the story is true, it’s coming in a BIG way.

This sure is exciting news. Expect more AMD comeback news to come down the pipeline shortly. I know who I’ll be spending the majority of my spare cash with soon…

For a couple of pics of this rig in action, head here.

Where’s my E2180?

So I have been waiting for the release of the E2180 – the Pentium E chip that’s also built on the m0 stepping as the E4500. These things are supposed to be highly overclockable, as there are already reports of the E2160 hitting 3.6ghz stable, on air. I am waiting to get a couple of these to upgrade some boxes around the house, as I still have a Dell 400SC sitting here running 5 VM instances, and it’s driving me crazy (it’s got a 2ghz celeron inside).

According to various sources on the net, this thing’s supposed to be released already. But nobody carries it. What gives?

Q6600 G0 Stepping compared to B3.

Anand posted an article showing the improvement of the G0 Q6600. Not a marked improvement, but an improvement nonetheless. I’ve been busy enough that the chip I bought is still sitting on the desk, but hopefully I’ll have time to put the thing together this weekend. I’ll post an update then on how I fare with my chip.

Update: This post also shows that the G0 Q6600 is really an overclocking monster.

Update 2: I just finished putting together my own Q6600 monster.  Check it out here.

Fresh Wolfdale & Yorkfield Overclock results

Here’s a post showing the overclocking results from some ES chips that some of our Taiwanese buddies got their hands on. Drool worthy… 4ghz+ Wolfdale clocks and 3.5ghz+ Yorkfield clocks. Those clocks may already have been achieved on 64nm, but these clocks are NOT obtained with extreme cooling! With increased L2 and similar clocks, these things are going to be monsters. Let’s see how Barcelona will keep up with these babies.

For those of you unfamiliar with the new chips, here’s a post from Anh Hyunh of Dailytech.