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I have finally decided to make the blog official.  For those of you who do follow this blog– Thank you.  You can continue to follow it at my new, official blog.


Windows Live: Writer, Mail, Mesh test spin

I’ve been in a kick recently to consolidate tools I use online, and am feeling rather rebellious about using all online-only UI’s.  It’s also probably because I am procrastinating on a few more important issues, but I decided to give Microsoft’s Live Tools another chance.

So I’ve managed, in a few hours, to consolidate all my email accounts under Live Mail and decided to do a test post on Live Writer– and you are reading the result.  If this works out well, I may just start up on the blogging efforts again.

The interface is classic Microsoft, so it’s instantly familiar.  I feel like I am using Word and Outlook again, which isn’t a bad feeling I suppose.

On top of all this, I am also giving Live Mesh a spin.  It’s been working great so far, even on a Windows 2003 server.  Great, job, MS.

That’s all for now.  We’ll talk again soon.  Promise.

Minor update

I haven’t been updating, like I promised.  Time seems to become more and more scarce the older you get, even if it’s by the day.

I have been working on a few projects, and haven’t done anything too exciting for a while.  I did manage to secure a toll free number, and will be using that for business.

I have also recently acquired a Sprint U727, the USB Novatel EVDO card.  After about 1 month of use, I can say that it’s been a very positive experience.  The convenience offered by the device is unmatched.  I know that WiMAX/XOHM is just around the corner, but I couldn’t wait that long.  I’ll write up a brand new post about that later.

For now, it’s back to more work, doing the taxes, and setting up a site.

Droolworthy: Epson’s New Projector

Looks like there is finally a worthy projector coming down the pipelines from Epson: Gizmodo covered a new PowerLite model that will be introduced to the market at the end of year, that is going to bring 1080p projection to affordable levels. This looks to be a worthy upgrade to my 5 year old Dell projector that is currently powering my home theater. Can’t wait to see what the actual street price will be. 🙂

Finally found my E2180! Chip en route, overclock results to come

I’ve been doing sporadic checks on a few major vendors’ sites and on price comparison sites on when this mythical CPU may appear. As luck would have it, I finally found the CPU for sale at eWiz last night. Put in an order for the elusive thing, and hopefully I will have my hands on it sometime next week. For approx. $95 including shipping and CA tax, it wasn’t so bad a deal in my opinion.

Reports from many forums indicate that even the E2140 and E2160 are starting to show up with the M0 stepping. These things are supposed to be monster overclockers, with reports of them clocking just as well as their G0 siblings, providing the boards are capable. Now that I have my Q6600 dialed in comfortably at 3.6ghz as my workstation, it’s now time to build a new box to replace the aging home server, the Dell SC400 with a 2.0ghz Celeron Socket 478 inside. With 3gb of RAM, the CPU is practically pegged @ 100% utilization while running a multitude of services, in addition to 3 instances of VMs on VMWare. Hopefully, I can get the E2180 to the same 3.6ghz range without much trouble. Such a setup should have enough muscle to comfortably take over the same services, with maybe a few more VMs thrown in.

In any case, I am getting WAY ahead of myself here. I’ll report back next week with the results.

Q6600 G0 overclock success

I put together my workstation replacement over the weekend (finally).  It ran prime OK overnight, and now it’s sitting at 3.6ghz stable.  Love how it is dead quiet as it sits 2 feet away from me underneath the desk.  Total cost for hardware?  Let’s break it down:

Antec Solo case: $70
Coolmax 500w PSU (the 120mm fan really keeps it quiet): $30AR
Samsung SATA DVD burner:  $30
Q6600 G0: $300 shipped
Coolermaster HyperTX2: $16AR
Abit IP35-E: $55AR
OCZ Gold 2gb: $55AR
Maxtor 500gb SATA: $107  after taxes f/ Fry’s
eVGA 7900GT: Bought for $180 2 years ago
Zalman VF900: $35
Logitech G15 Keyboard: $35 AR
MS Intellimouse Explorer 4: Can’t bear to get rid of this thing.  All the new mice are crappy anyway.  Bought new for $12.

Total: $925 on hardware, counting everything.

Now let’s count software:

Ubuntu Studio: Free
Salvaged copy of Win2k for Win Apps: Do I have to count this?  This was paid on some other system.  Let’s just call it free.
Google Pack: Free
Rest of the Apps: Free (Firefox, Audacity, Paint.Net, Visual Studio Express, VMWare player, VLC, IM Proggies, PuTTY, etc…)

Total Software Cost: Free.

Gotta love price wars.  Who would ever imagine 20 years ago how fast and cheap things would get??

Looks like another iPhone user’s woken up

Check out this article. What’s interesting is the general consensus demonstrated in the comments. Now I know TG is a PC centric site, but not even one person defended iPhone’s value, and I know there are apple users who read the same piece.

Is it just because all the iPhone users are too busy playing with their new toy to care?

I was very excited and played with my E62 nonstop for a month or so when I got it. Loaded everything I could find– all the Google apps, mapping, divx, Nokia’s podcasting tools, RSS readers, Youtube, all the old console emulators, PuTTY, VNC, etc. But the fun is waning. Now, it’s a tool that I take for granted. I don’t have the same buyers’ remorse though– they paid me to take the phone. I wonder how many other iPhone buyers will go through this same process?