And you thought only Apple makes the iPhone…

Check it out.  Apparently the Apple’s rendition won’t be the only iPhone on the block.  You thought it was crazy for the Chinese to have a clone.  What about Nokia?


Watchout, N800: Here comes Intel’s new MID

Check this out.  Instead of regurgitating what has already been said, just go read it yourself.  All I will say is that Nokia’s N800 has some tough competition coming up, and Intel’s decision to go with Red Flag Linux is certainly an interesting one.

Nokia N800 to get WiMAX

This could turn out to be an awesome service if Sprint is willing to be reasonable with pricing.  Nokia’s Maemo powered device has long been a hackers’ fav.  I’ve wanted one for a while, but could not justify its $400 price tag.  For $150 though, it will be a great toy to have.  Perhaps once the newer model gets introduced, the N800 price tag will get lowered like the N770 did.

Say $150 for the device and $30/mo ($1/day) for WiMAX service.  I would get that in a heartbeat vs. subscribing to AT&T’s EDGE right now for $20/mo on the E62.  Granted I would need to carry the device with me wherever I go, but as is, I already carry a laptop bag wherever I go– being able to ‘almost’ replace the laptop with a MID would be awesome.

Why Apple NEEDS the iPhone Shuffle

Check out Nokia. It is no mystery the path to broad market adoption is to target a broader, wider audience. Yes, the cool phones will sell well (just look at the N95- the Nokia flagship that sports an even higher pricetag than the iPhone), but that’s not how you win the war. iPod is able to claim its market penetration number in no small part to the nano and the shuffle. Nokia is a leader becaues of the semi-disposable phones they push in emerging markets.

Now where is that darned iPhone shuffle?